Friday, November 30, 2007


Whoa! After long years, I’ve been able to write again. Oh well, this is the first time I will use my computer to my new dorm, yeah, after a mini eternity I’ve got to transfer a new dormitory. Whoa whoa whoa!!

I just came from Landbank of the Philippines in Malate a while ago to attend the OJT Orientation. The one who was in charged on the orientation was nice. Everyone there is nice, actually. One of the reasons why I love the company is the people I see there to those times I visited.

“OJT po ma’am? God bless po” says the guard the first time I have paid a visit for the application day.

All of the receptionists that I came to meet were all nice as well. They would even give you sweet smiles (that’s when you act nicely..ahem!) trust me.

Yeah yeah, the place and the people are pleasant, but.. but BUT..

I still couldn’t see a reason why I would love the work. It’s in industrial setting, papers, papers... papers. I badly hate that stuff. Yeah, I consider myself as a writer, of course I love papers, there I put all the things I write but files of a big company (the branch I’ll work in is the main branch, it’s a really big office), I SO HATE IT...

Yooohooo, anyone who can put me on the counseling world... or clinical setting?
Bored like BradypusCholoepus

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Fjordan Allego said...

wow!!! exciting nga kookoo e.. buti ka pa ojt na... lam mo bang pinakhihintay ko yan!!!! hayz... nagbibilan na lang ako ng months ako naman ang susunod sayo hahahahha