Friday, November 30, 2007

swerte ebridey!

Last day, no one would know how sucky my day was. I woke up really early (needless to mention that the rain was pouring so hard and the bed was embracing me tightly), as much as I would like to embrace my bed back I just couldn’t “it’s the first day of your work Ytalia, no time for laziness now...your DTR is waiting for you”

So I went off my bed and held my shower basket and towel, whew! It was really cold but I have no choice, I took a bath and wore my corporate suit on, went to the dining area and ate my breakfast. I was just in time... I THOUGHT.

It was still raining badly; I went to the other street and watched for a jitney that would bring me to my working place... hmmm, it was so traffic, cars were not even moving, or if they were, its just an inch away from their last location, snails are even faster.

I was already standing at the same point for half an hour; I still couldn’t see a jeep going to Malate... malelate nalang ako, wala pa rin sasakyang pa-malate... whoa, sounds alike.

I was so losing hope, “I’m not gonna make it on my first day”

Felt very bad and on the road of losing all hopes... I am such a loser. I can’t afford to be late on the first day, I’d rather be absent and give all the damn reason of not coming “I am from Espana de Bay ma’am... the water was already overflowing, as much as I would like to swim on my way here, I can’t... I am a frog; it’s different from a tadpole, yeknow the swimming skills...”

As I was on the process of giving up, tada! A full jeep to Malate stopped in front of me; I went inside as the passengers moved giving me a seat. Whoa! I would be really late, but I still tried though. If I came to my office late, I wouldn’t go inside...

Hmmm... Any guess if I made it?

Oh well, yes.. Four minutes late, this is equal to two hours... I was two hours late.
Came to get and sign my DTR.

“Moreno” asked Miss Lhanie, our HR boss.. She gave my LBP ID “Go to the payroll section and see Miss Lolit”

Whew! Still not excited... no emotions actually. “BORING CLASS” as I would always say. Miss Lolit is nice, she introduced me to my other bosses-kuno.. Miss Jet, Miss Lin and Sir Anton. Hmmm, really nice people.

They gave me a corner.. whoa! Feeling office girl ang lola. I’ve waited until they gave me a job..

“Count the list and staple it, after that, write the branch where they are supposed to be in” –Miss Lin

Tsak! Tsak! Tsak... Call me stapler girl... F*ck, my first job s*cks!!
I was so enthusiastic though I really hated what I was doing. “I have to give them the impression that aside from being obedient (ahem), I am also dedicated to the job( ahem, ahem, aheeem... Choking and dying!!)

I finished it earlier as I thought. Miss Lin gave me another pile of papers.. tsak tsak,... yeah, I counted the list and stapled and stapled and stapled to death.
Lunch time... Ate with my pretty co-trainees (I’m the prettiest still, toink! This is my blog, remember?)

Resume of my “OFFICE WORK”... If that thing is really an “office work.” Still, at this very moment, I am in a hemorrhagic puzzlement.

Miss Jet taught me how to use the eeng...eeng, photocopy machine. I wasn’t really able to get her directions at the first time. Even in the photocopy thing, I have no sense of direction. Time for a self-pity.. tsk tsk... I s*ck as my work. Hmmm.. F*ck, my second job s*cks again!!

Miss Lin taught me again...

And on the third time, my co-trainee assisted me...

Tsak tsak.. busy stapling again...

Finished again, Miss Lin asked me to photocopy again... “Aye aye miss”

Tsak tsak... Finished for the nth time... still unfinished in reality...

Miss Jet asked me to answer the phone whenever they are out. “Just pick up the phone and say... PERSONNEL, GOOD AFTERNOON... I’LL JUST TRANSFER THE CALL.. Press t R and dial the local”

Afraid to answer the phone and commit errors, I acted as if I don’t notice that the phone is ringing. Toink.. I hear nothing except the stapler’s tick... “tsak tsak tsak tsak tsak”


One time, I answered the phone, Miss Jet asked me to do it while she was acting busy as well. Obey! F*ck, my third job s*cks still!!

After that, I just sat down as I rest myself after the unending tsak tsak and eeng eeng... Miss Lhanie saw me “doing nothing..”

She asked me to photocopy... I know that on the back of her mind, she thought that I was just sitting there the whole day not knowing that I almost master how to count, staple and photocopy... How lucky.. I AM SO LUCKY, as lucky as a LOST PENNY.. asar!
First day.. first day first day... Everything s*cks... I s*ck as well... Happenings manifest!

I never imagined I would experience those degrading OFFICE works, I am supposedly doing an HR stuff, and not doing the Gawain-ni-ate-taga-NITZ-or-copytrade thing... tsk! Doomed!! My parents are paying high for me to learn.. tsk tsk...

I never mentioned that my parents are racketeers and own an enterprise. They also do the photocopy thing. Riso.. and I never did a damn thing with it. If that would be my work as a trainee, I’d rather work at our enterprise. I’ll get paid for doing it pa.. tsk!

Gosh, Lord, save me from this nightmare.

I never liked HR... and to what is happening right now, seems like I won’t even learn to love it in any way. I feel I did nothing, while in reality I did many things, not counted as a REAL ONE though. Argh!

Nice people don’t compensate inhumane jobs they give (yeah, I consider it inhumane!! I’d rather appreciate if they would push me out of the depth whoa I mean out of the building...asar talaga!)

Forgot to mention, we do not have allowance there. The food inside the office are a bit costly... I only have 200 in my pocket by lunchtime... and before going home I’ve realized that I lost my visitor’s ID. I paid 100 pesos for the loss I made. I almost walked along the rain on my way back home. Poor girl! Better told in thigalog KAWAWANG INENG!!

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Thigalog- tagalong (slang kasi, yeknow) toinkz!!

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Gerald said...

kamote tinamad tuloy akong magaral. +$^^$&!#!!!

naimagine ko magiging work ko. ojt pala
filing ko mas worst kesa jan. BOY ikanga..hehehe