Wednesday, December 26, 2007

not just his day

I can’t explain how I appreciate this day. I woke up a bit early this morning, It’s my second day of work.. whoa! Excited? Naaah... still not enjoying it even just for a kunwari setting.

As I woke up, I already sent a good morning text message to my dad and mom.
“maganda ang gising mo anak ah” –mom
I actually didn’t even notice that indeed, my day started okay, oh well, thanks mom for making me realize that I woke up at the best side of my small bed(huh, miss my uber-princessy soft bed in Bicol). Hey I still woke up at the best side of my small bed, I SAID!! Isn’t that great? O_o

Readers: yeah it’s great... (Giving me all the benefit of the doubt...) toink!

I’ve decided to go to my office by 7:20 in the morning and got there by 7:46, not bad at all. I still had the old bobo-ish route: Dapitan to Pedro Gil (jeep, so sosyal). Pedro Gil to Malate (padyak, most sosyal poreber).

DTR: getting better so far.

Since Jez and I got at our office earlier than the working time, we’ve decided to go to the restroom first and there we saw how the sun was shining beautifully surrounded by altocumulus clouds which made a rainbow below it.

That made me raise my hand up and was reminded how profound God is. “This day is really nice..”
Trainee status: not alone (anymore)
I’ve got to meet my co-trainee at our division. This ACLC sophie girl is really nice. At first we were just sitting at our corner and were doing nothing. We were both shy girls (ahem, ahem) and silence was eating the both of us but praise God, our bosses started giving us something to do: to photocopy (so HR! SOOOO HR!).

Infinite ARghs... argh argh argh!! This time,. Whew! Effort.. HR stuff are really back breaking.

Ehem, I did new today, I went to the other floors to do the “ma’am pa-receive naman po” with Janice and got to have a field trip... up and down to the office, using not the elevator but the fire exit this time.

A-la amazing race. Toink!

And I also did the highlighting stuff (using highlighters, yeknow), and of course the hello telephone “PERSONNEL GOOD AFTERNOON” job, photocopy a’la copytrade skills were shown again and no one would beat my first and forever job (hope not...may gas) tada! Staple staple...

The tasks were really boring and so my good mood turned a bit dark. Hmmmm.. Stagnated!

Doing nothing, I accidentally looked at a sir standing at the aisle near my corner, his pants were covered by an orange light, and so I tried finding where it came from
In great astonishment, the sun was saying hello while saying goodbye at the same time, its light is covering the sea while a white ship is floating into it. One of the nicest view. For the second time, my hand goes up and couldn’t say anything aside “Ang galing talaga(ni God)”

After my office, I was on my way to KFC Rotonda for a meeting but I was informed that it would be rescheduled this Saturday. I’ve decided to attend GJ’s “SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE PARTY” instead. I was really happy to see friends I haven’t seen lately.

We were eating there until someone opened the door quietly. It was GJ, hindi siya nasurprise, kami pa kamo ang nasurprise. SUPRAAAAAAAAAYS!
“kookoo, ang pretty mo naman” -GJ
We sang a song for him and after that we have planned to give him an icing attack, but surprisingly (for the second time) he did it first to Carla and so our plan was sabotaged again. ahaha!

Kookoo’s status: tahimik sa isang tabi..
“at dahil pretty ngayon si kookoo..........” he ran going to where I was sitting and whipped icing all over my face, it was really done too quick and I never had the chance to stand to avoid it, all I did was to scream,,, “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” (matinis yan ha...hehe)

And all of us were putting icing all over each other’s faces [only the icing, not the cake itself, gets? We still know how to value food.. (= ]

Ahaha, we were all happy playing that moment (though I was really quiet, dinakma kasi ni gj yun mata ko, napuruhan ng icing..haha, I was teary yet happy)
After all those kaguluhan.. picture taking and all we’ve decided to have a worship. I almost cried.

I am lucky for having these yfc friends; these are the people that could make me feel alright without saying anything regarding my struggles, without knowing them all actually. With just their presence, I feel relieved.
I never really planned to go to gj’s surprise eke k but I am glad that God brought me along with them. I felt how great God is... greater to the one who made the sky and sun... but the one who gave me friends who shines brighter than those.

To GJ, I am really blessed for having you around, the way you said that I am pretty made me happy... Thanks, I feel God in you, especially this day. Haberdey

Xena, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be there. Friends! Haaay!

Fjordz, I know you’ll get to read this. Salamat, sobra. Thanks for listening to my unending ojt complaints (the task are just inhumane).. miss ko na ikaw katext

Ge and Champ, just seeing you two makes me happy. Ang vain niyo sa pics. Asar!

Anne and Ding, idol poreber.. anne, wala akong make-up, maganda lang talaga, natural..toink!

Carla, haaaaaaay, di na kita nakabonding..

Tay Lee, got so inspired. Galing din ng Diyos sayo. Yup, next time, I won’t fall asleep while talking to you...ahaha!

Carl, hehe. God bless. DI tayo close e..

“gj, wala lan, blessing lang din yung pagpunta ko sa surprise “supposedly” ekek mo. I really felt God there... ang pretty ni kookoo.. nasa pjt ako kanina, at hindi talaga ako nageenjoy.. ang ganda ng gising ko kanina, kita ku pa yun sky nun kararating ko sa ofis, super ganda, kita ko din yung sunset pauwi... ang ganda talag! Ang galing ng Diyos na nagagawa niya ang sarili niyang kapuri-puri dahil sa mga magandang sky at sun.. pero mas malupit na kapuri-puri siya dahil sa mga taong katulad mo! Ang galing ng Diyos sayo... nga pala, napasaya mo me nun sabihan mo me na an preti ko, seryoso...

[teka, at dahil pretty ngayon si kookoo....(haha, naramihan ako icing dun ah)] –gj

Aykanu, labyu gj... sori natapos agad dahil sa curfew ko...haaaaay, gb! Payakap!” –kookoo 11:08pm

“Phil 1:8” –gj 11:15pm

Sa mga kasama ko sa bertdeyan, pasensya na, may curfew ang lahat dahil sa curfew ko... boring no... argh,,Kj and all... ahaha!

at dahil sa cufrew na yan, nasubukan ko nanaman kung paano in takbo ever ako.. pero ganun din, nasaraduhan ako ng gate.. todo-doorbell tuloy.. grrr..ahaha!

credits to tomasa, i posted some pics.ü

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homebodyhubby said...

ang galing ng sunset photo... shot mo?
nakita mo na ba ang sunset photos ko dito? --

incidentally may ipo-post uli ako tomorrow -- first day of 2008. medyo 'related' dito sa post mong ito.

huwag kang maiilang sa akin ha? pagkaraniwang tao lang ako. *cheers!*

napunding alitaptap... said...

@ homebodyhubby

opo..opo, shot ko po ito, nahihilig ko din po ang potograpiya, yun lang, hindi ako mapagbigyan ng mga magulang ko na mabilhan ng kamera na mga über ang lens...

sa katunayan po pag nasa manila ako, wala akong magamit na cam(nasanay kasi akong meron)... ayun, maulol-ulol ako...nagtitiyaga lang ako sa aking 6630 camera phone... ayun, nasasayangan ako sa mga nakukunan ko.. nagpipixelate kasi...

maliban sa pagsusulat, medyo naman ko rin sa aking astigin na ama ang mata para sa potograpiya...ü

homebodyhubby said...

ay ganun? pag-ipunan mo na nga lang. ako man bago ko nabili yung first camera ko antagal na kong may trabaho. hindi pa uso digital nuon. hehe. (yung digital ko ngayon, bigay lang ng utol ko)
meantime, pagtyagaan mo na muna yang celphone cam mo.
magandang outlet din yang photography. basta shoot lang nang shoot. hindi naman yan masyado magastos, maski ulit-ulitin ang shots. kung hindi type ang shot andaling i-delete.